Christel Moulder

Christel started working with the team in 2001. In the meantime, she has had a daughter who is a teenager already. Christel loves camping and her family means the world to her. She knows dolphin and everything that happens here better than Ezanda!

Lizelle van den Bergh

Lizelle has the job that none of us want… finance, accounts and following up on fees. However, she is always friendly and helps the client until they are satisfied. Lizelle has a son in high school and is looking to finish her accounting qualification. She is the first face you see when you walk through the doors at the school and the last when you leave… she’s here more than at home.

Brandon Semple

Nickname at DSS: Mr. Simple. He loves soccer and plays for AMA Tuks on weekends. He is also a big supporter of Spain and Chelsea. He has also done white river rafting at Zambezi Vic Falls. Also has national colors for swimming and cricket in Zambia. He is our biggest supporter at the tuck shop.

Caitlin de Kocks

Nickname at DSS: Carats. She wants to study to be a physio one day. She also completed the big swing at ‘Graskop.’  She received her colors for swimming at school.  She lives by ‘Once you learn to quit it becomes a Habit keep going♥’

Chanè van der Linde

Nickname at DSS: Nè. She is in her third-year Psychology at Unisa. Has her SA colors in dance. Her main hobby is reading. Her big dream is to qualify as a scuba instructor.

Christian Adlum

Nickname at DSS: Vaatjie. His biggest dream is to become an actor. Loves the stage, singing, and Mr. Jazzy Hands on the pool deck. He plays soccer for fun. Entertainer @ the swimming school…

Carla Freysen

Nickname at DSS: Awesomeness. SA Champ in cycling. Raced in Europe.  Represented South Africa at the Mountain bike World Championships and UCI World Cup #1 2009. Triathlon South Africa lev 1 ref.  Sanet Small SA cyclist got the following to say about CARLA Her Cycling Hero: Carla Freysen, she always manages to go to Worlds no matter what her form, damn I wish I could be that lucky! Addicted to beet lately…

Specialized Training

Ezanda Moulder. I started to coach swimming when I was still at varsity to earn some extra income. I started Dolphin Swimming School in 1993 and up to today still the proud owner of the school. I love the outdoor life and there is nothing that relaxes me more than playing a round of golf.

Sergio De Barros

Nickname at DSS: Mousie. He loves watching series and going shopping. His dream is to ride a horse one day. Christmas is always a big thing in the Barros family. Going full out on Christmas decorations.

Yvette Marais

Nickname at DSS: Rissiepit. She is a third-year student of Theology at Tuks and will be doing her first sermon in April. A big hobby is art. She has bungy jumped at ‘Bloukrans Bridge.’